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Spray Tanning FAQ's

What is a spray tan and how does it work?

Spray tanning is a process in which a colourless sugar (DHA based) is sprayed onto your skin with a handheld airbrush system. The DHA reacts with the amino acids in the outermost (Epidermis) layer of your skin to create a natural tan. As these skin cells are naturally exfoliated, the colour gradually fades - much like a real sun tan. The solution applied has a cosmetic bronzer that allows us to see exactly where the solution is being placed. 

What do I need to do prior to getting my spray tan?

You will want to exfoliate the day of your spray tan.  The best way is to not use a pre-made scrub solution, but use a loofah or exfoliating gloves. The pre-made could have oils that would stay on your skin and prevent the solution from penetrating.  

If you are waxing you need to do that 48 hours prior, shaving the day before.

You also want to refrain from applying any lotions before your tan. After your tan you want to keep your skin well moisturized.  Using a moisturizer with a gradual tanning is ideal to help your tan last longer.

Will I look orange from the spray tan?

Absolutely not! The solution I use is Norvell, voted #1 among professional spray tan artists. It will give even the palest of skin a natural glow without turning orange. 

What do I wear for my spray tan?

You can wear an old bathing suit, an old bra and underwear, or nude; whatever you are most comfortable with.

What should I wear to/after my appointment?

Dark, loose fitting clothing is best to prevent rubbing and decrease the chances of transferring your tan. Please do not wear any tight fitting clothing (i.e. jeans), as the friction caused can rub your tan while it's drying. 

How long does a spray tan take?

It takes approximately 10 minutes to spray the solution, and an additional 2-4 minutes for your tan to dry.  With dressing and undressing I book a 30 minute appointment.

How long does the spray tan last?

Your spray tan will last about 5 to 7 days and fades gradually.  Your fade factor depends on how fast your skin sloughs off naturally. 

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