Welcome to Beauty FX Nail Studio & Spa

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What You Need To Bring/Wear:

Long sleeve cotton t shirt; cotton pants, & socks.

Warm loose fitting clothing for after.

Large bath towel and plastic bag.


What is Provided:

Water, you can bring your own if you like

Music,  Netflix

Herbal Tea

Sweat For Your Health

The Science of Sweat

Our bodies need to detox in order to eliminate elements that are not good for us, so that our systems can function optimally. When you sweat using FAR infrared technology, you enhance your body’s ability to free itself from toxic chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals by cleansing from the inside out.

FAR infrared is a radiant form of natural energy. FAR infrared cannot be seen, but can be felt as a nourishing heat that safely penetrates the skin to increase core-body temperature. This results in an intense, detoxifying, health-boosting sweat that helps you look and feel healthier, happier, and brighter.

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