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Sport Mani: 25.00

Signature : 30.00

Shellac: 35.00

30 Day Manicure: 40.00

Add On’s


French; Shellac Removal

Xtra Strength Gel Base

Nail Repair per nail


Parrafin; Hand Facial;

Hot Stone Massage

Try All Three

15% OFF

                 Nail Art

Nail Art: per nail $5.00

Gel Polish Cat Eye, Glitter, Marbling, Stamping, Foil, Sharpie, Alcohol Ink, Striping, Decals, Crystals, Charms,

Powders: Chrome, Holo, Mermaid, Hand Painted,

Flowers Air Brush, Acrylic 3D  



Sport Pedi: 35.00

Sport Plus: 45.00

Signature Pedi: 45.00

Signature Plus: 55.00

Spa Pedi (Hot Stone): 65.00

Dry Shellac Pedi: 40.00

Mini Pedi: 30.00

Nail Repair: (per nail) 10.00

Spa-tacular Add On’s:


Jelly Soak; French; Simple Nail Art; Gel Base; Toe Wax.


Shellac Polish



Callous Removal

Custom/Glitter Nail Art;

Xtra 15 min. Massage

Air Brush Spray Tans

     California Tan/ Norvell

Single Session 35.00

Single VIP   30.00

Bridal Session: 55.00 

 Package of 5: 95.00

Your 5th Tan is FREE !!!

(does not incl. packages)

Mobile Tanning

Available Upon Request

Host A Spray Tan Party !

          Teeth Whitening

  20 Minutes $25.00

Show off your brightest smile!


Nail Enhancments

Natural Nail Protect: 45.00

Rebalance: (3-4week) 40.00

Natural Nail Overlay: 55.00

Rebalance (3-4week): 45.00

French: 5.00

Full Set Reg/Fr.Tips 65.00

Coffin/Stilletto Set: 75.00

(Sets include your choice of gel polish & one/two accent nails)

Basic Refill: 45.00

(incl. your choice of gel polish,

 no repairs, simple nail art/glitter,

 1-2 accent nails)

Refill Plus: 55.00

(incl. your choice of gel polish,

 1-2 repairs, 2-4 accent nails

2 colour gel art/glitter fade)

Custom Refill: 65.00

(incl. your choice of gel polish,

1-2 repairs, custom art work,

full nail art on all nails)

File, Buff, & Gloss: 25.00

Removal + Nail Care: 20.00

Repairs per Nail: 5.00

Holiday Nail Art: from 15.00

(includes removal of art & your choice of gel polish)


Lashes & Brows

Brow Design: 30.00

Brow Shape: 20.00

Brow Tint: 10.00

Brow Bone: 10.00

Combine Any 2 Services 10%

Any 3 Services 15%

Lash Lift: 65.00

Lash Tint: 25.00

             Summer Tint Pkg: 60.00                                                 


   Upper Lip: 10.00

Basic Chin: 10.00

Extended Chin: 15.00

Under Arms: 20.00

Forearms: 25.00

Basic Bikini: 25.00

Extended Bikini: 35.00

Lower Legs: 35.00

(full leg add $25.00)

Bikini/Lower Leg: 10% OFF


          Get Your Sweat On!

Health benefits include; weight loss, pain relief, detoxification, glowing skin. It is healing and rejuvenating.

45 Min. Session: 55.00

VIP: 45.00

New to Sweat

 Try It!   $25.00 



Sculpt: 75.00

(Rejuvenating Micro Current Treatment

Boosts skins elastin and collegen)

Sculpt Plus: 125.00

(Lifts and tightens facial muscles)

Incl. LED Red Light Therapy.

Micro Dermabrasion: 75.00

(Diamond Tip Gentle Exfoliation)

Oxygen Infusion: 75.00

(Infuse Your Skin with Anti Aging Serum)

Add Micro/Oxygen: 25.00

All facials include Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam, & Massage

Anti Aging Facial Mask: 15.00

Facial Packages:

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Your 5th One is Free

Buy 4 Individually

Your 5th One is 1/2 Price

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